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The evaluation of OTDR launch cable KFLC-2

Before,we have introduced you the OTDR, here we bring you its partner--launch cable KFLC-2.  What’s the OTDR launch cable? It’s known that the OTDR has the dead zone when it tests the optical fiber link, if we don’t adopt some measures, the test result will not that exactly, so using the OTDR dead zone eliminator will help to improve the accuracy.

The knowledge of OTDR launch cable

OTDR launch cable or OTDR fiber ring is similar to fiber jump cable, there isn’t any fusion point on the fiber. It’s used to cover the dead zone of the OTDR, so we also call it OTDR dead zone eliminator.

Currently, OTDR fiber ring in the market is mainly designed with box structure, while the KFLC-2 adopts a fashionable new design -- disc structure, which is smaller and lighter to carry than the old ones.

The design of OTDR launch cable

As a correspondent, we’re familiar with OTDR dead zone eliminator. In the past, the box structure was not convenient to hold in hand, and it took up space in the tool kit. Since the development partner launched this KFLC-2, it really surprises me. KFLC-2 not only adopts the new coiled structure design, but also adopts the hook design for the convenience of carrying in daily optical fiber detection, which adapts to various working conditions and greatly improves the efficiency of optical fiber detection.

The design of OTDR launch cable

We find a storage bin on the top of the box, you can put SC-SC、FC-FC coupler in it. (these two couplers is for free in it)  It will be popular in the ones who always lost or forget something.

We find a storage bin on the top of the box, you can put SC-SC、FC-FC coupler in it.

In order to ensure the accuracy of optical fiber test results and save cost, the length of OTDR launch cable should be sufficient to cover the entire test blind area of OTDR. Second, as with fiber optic jumper, OTDR test also should have different kinds of fiber connectors, Komshine open the VIP channel, the user can according to own actual need, to customize the OTDR dead zone eliminator connector, including FC/SC/ST/LC interface, etc., and can customize the length in the 100 m ~ 2 km range. In practical optical testing, there are always single mode and multi-mode fiber, so the user can also customize OM1, OM2 etc.

The evaluation of OTDR launch cable KFLC-2

Usage of the OTDR launch cable

Usage of the OTDR launch cable

Through using Komshine OTDR QX45 and KFLC-2 together, the event point loss and other test data can be detected accurately. Compared with the previous direct detection without using the OTDR fiber ring, the data error is quite large, which is why the OTDR dead zone eliminator is a common and effective method to reduce the impact of the blind area.


QX45(OTDR)和OTDR launch cable KFLC-2 are the essential tool in fiber testing. As a professional manufacturer of optical fiber testing in China, Komshine can provide customized services of OTDR fiber rings with different lengths and different fiber connectors.