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The common sense of the optic fiber fusion splicer

You may be just about to get into the fiberglass industry, or you may have been a longtime acquaintance; you've even been following the industry as we do for more than a decade. Today I want to talk to you about the easiest thing to ignore when we choose fibre-optic welding machines, but it's also a very important basic knowledge when we choose fiber-optic welding machines. 

Why is it that common sense, which is very important, is the easiest thing to ignore?
Because when they choose, they don't think about their type of project and what their project requires of the fiber-optic splicing machine. Many friends actually ignore the most basic common sense problem, which leads to the purchase of machines easy to be deceived by the merchants, bought some not suitable for their own machines. 

1. Operator's ftth fiber home loading service (A broadband) 
That is to say, the installation service (broadband installation), since 2016, this kind of project is very many, the project does not require high attenuation, the line attenuation to the light cat end is within 26db, basically can access the net normally. 

2. Transformation of operator's village-to-village optical fiber 
Since 2016, this type of project has also been very common. With the development of 4G and the state's strong support for rural networks, the requirements for these projects are relatively strict, because the lines sometimes come into contact with about 10 to 20 kilometers of lines. Naturally, the requirements for fiber-optic welding machines are slightly higher. 

3. Construction and Communication Trunk Line Project of 4g 5g 
This kind of project is relatively not so common, but once the amount of fused fiber is also very large, this kind of project is often dozens or even more than 100 kilometers, very strict attenuation requirements, this kind of line attenuation requirements are generally within the 16~18db. Because there are a lot of devices down there that need to be connected. 

4, monitoring, weak current and so on comprehensive cabling
The distance of this kind of optical fiber is generally several hundred meters, the longest is not more than 2 kilometers, and the attenuation requirement is not high. For example, the attenuation requirement of the general optical terminal is that the whole line can be used if the line is not more than 6~8db.