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Komshine communication products are cost-effective, thoughtful product services, and complete product sets. The series of products such as optical fiber fusion splicer, OTDR, optical fiber end face detector, and optical fiber end face cleaning are favored by users at home and abroad.

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As the best CP of optical fiber fusion splicer -- optical fiber cutting cleaver, it’s small, but it plays an important role in the process of optical fiber welding. As we all know, optical fiber is made of glass or plastic. Although it is as thin as hair, its texture is quite hard. It needs to be cut effectively with a professional fiber cutting knife to ensure the smooth end face. So do you know how to use the fiber cutter correctly?

Komshine reminds, the optical fiber cutting in the communication construction is not compromise, the use of ordinary cutting knife, it is easy to cause the optical fiber surface rough, uneven, affecting the later hot splicing work, time-consuming and laborious, increase the unnecessary cost.

Komshine KF-52 cleaver adopts three-in-one fixture design, which can be applied to bare fiber, tail fiber and leather line. It uses imported tungsten steel blade, with high hardness and corrosion resistance, and the average cutting times can reach 36,000 times, which is very cost-effective. Blade life high-precision CNC machining technology, high cutting accuracy, cutting fiber cross section smooth and smooth, automatic tool back function, a gentle push to complete the cutting, simple and efficient; The optical fiber cutting surface is flat with an error of less than 0.5 degree.

Besides,In order to bring convenience in the construction of optical fiber, Komshine cleaver also pays great attention to innovation in design. The clamping device can lock the optical fiber and leather line, and adopt the convex point design, making it easier to open. The silica gel pad can effectively press the fiber, which can achieve the effect of high temperature without expansion and low temperature without cracking. The cutting knife USES soft rubber base, which is easy enough to handle all kinds of working conditions. The design of waste fiber box is considerate and environmentally friendly, which can not only avoid scratches, but also reduce environmental pollution from the source. In order to reduce unnecessary damage during transportation, Komshine specially design for cutting cleaver with rigid portable case, which can stabilize the machine and avoid shaking. Tell you in confidence, the hand case is free for you!

Usage progress Before using the cutting cleaver, ensure that the fiber clamp clean Open the upper cover of the cutting cleaver and clamp platen, and push the guide rail with the blade to the side in front of it Using the Miler clamp strips the outer coating layer of optical fiber about 30mm,and cleaning the bare fiber with fiber cleaning paper dipped in anhydrous alcohol Align the edge of the optical fiber coating to the appropriate scale on the cutter scale (10~20mm) Put the optical fiber into the fiber guide slot with the left hand, and make sure the bare optical fiber to be placed on the rubber mat in a straight line Close the fixture and the upper cover, push the guide rail with the blade, make the blade cut the lower surface of the optical fiber, cut off the optical fiber, do not force too much Open the top cover of the cutter, Hold the optical fiber with your left hand and open the clamp platen with your right hand. Carefully remove the optical fiber that has been cut into the waste fiber box


1.the cleaved ends should not touch anything to avoiding been polluted;

2.Be sure to put the waste fiber after cutting into the waste fiber box

3.After using the fiber cutting cleaver, please keep it clean and put it into the convenient box for a long time keeping.