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Komshine communication products are cost-effective, thoughtful product services, and complete product sets. The series of products such as optical fiber fusion splicer, OTDR, optical fiber end face detector, and optical fiber end face cleaning are favored by users at home and abroad.

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The update type of optic fiber identifier KFI-35 is coming

In order to improve the efficiency of optical fiber detection and better meet the user’s  experience, Komshine launched the upgraded KFI-35 high-precision optical fiber identifier. Compared with the old model, the upgraded KFI-35 has made many improvements. So what's different about the upgraded KFI-35?

Fiber identification device is one of the necessary testing tools in optical fiber operational work, it is mainly used for lossless optical signal recognition detection, can  detect single mode or multi-mode fiber in any position.
Komshine upgrade KFI- 35 retained the design style of family, metal appearance hand held texture, with 250μm、900μm、2mm、3mm four kinds of fiber fixture, a variety of specifications can be applied to detect the bare fiber optical fiber jumper wire covered wire, etc., it can identify 2 KHZ, 1 KHZ, 270 HZ three kinds of signal frequency, and this is available in the single mode multi-mode optical fiber, meet the test of 800 ~ 1700 nm wavelength. The highlight of KFI-35 is that it adopts a high-definition LED display, which can clearly identify the direction and loss value of optical fiber signal.

The update type of optic fiber identifier KFI-35 is coming

In terms of product details, KFI-35 is made of high-density aluminum alloy with CNC high-precision machining, which is waterproof, dust proof and anti-fall. It can easily cope with various harsh working conditions. In order to avoid damage during the detection of bare fiber, a sponge anti-collision strip was designed on a 250μm fixture and a sponge anti-collision block was designed on a 900μm fixture. Anti - dropping type dust cover, dust cover and fuselage connected to avoid forgetting lost and other cases;Kfi-35 fiber optic identification device is a one-button switch, quick and convenient to operate.

The update type of optic fiber identifier KFI-35 is coming

How to use KFI-35 ? The corresponding fixture should be selected according to the fiber to be tested. The bare fiber mostly uses 250μm and 900μm fixture, while the jumper leather wire uses 2mm and 3mm fixture. One hand grip KFI - 35 , optical fiber under test to be put in the fiber holder, then upward push switch, fiber optic clip before cover dust cover, the LED screen display information such as fiber optic signal direction, when optical testing is completed, remove the fiber identification device.  KFI - 35 fiber identification device has a benefit is that the test without interruption of optical fiber transmission business, directly online test, at the same time also will not make damage to optical fiber.

The update type of optic fiber identifier KFI-35 is coming

As a professional manufacturer of optical communication testing products in China, Komshine  has been making innovations in product research and development to meet the actual needs of users. Moreover, it has gained a large number of loyal users by virtue of its excellent product quality, competitive product price and considerate after-sales service. At present, a new upgraded version of KFI35 fiber optic signal recognition device is now available for sale.