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Komshine communication products are cost-effective, thoughtful product services, and complete product sets. The series of products such as optical fiber fusion splicer, OTDR, optical fiber end face detector, and optical fiber end face cleaning are favored by users at home and abroad.

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2020 is a year that doomed to be remembered, The Spring Festival atmosphere was completely shattered by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, through the efforts of the people throughout the country united, medical staffs’ hard fighting, the Chinese made a preliminary victory in this battle. 

China has basically returned to normal order, people return to work, school starts orderly, while go out need to wear a face mask, not all entertainment, but people have been out of worries and begin to enjoy the spring scenery.

KomShine has returned to normal work, the staff should be the premise of personal protection, work in a wonderful state of mind, customers can order normally. And our company now has a larger warehouse, then there will be more sufficient stock, the delivery is more fast and orderly.

External epidemic raged, now there are a lot of people need home lockdown,telecommuting and online classes, even for remote medical meetings, which puts forward higher requirements on communication network, and greatly increase the construction of communication network, fiber optic link maintenance needs. Komshine is a professional manufacturer of optical fiber communication equipment. At special times, all staff are ready to serve your needs. We will provide high quality products, efficient delivery mechanism, and deliver products to you as soon as possible.

At the same time, please protect yourself, the usual network needs your escort.