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The importance of the maintenance of communication cable

With the rapid development of high technology, communication cable is widely used. Compared with the general cable, communication cable not only occupies a small volume and has a stronger corrosion resistance, but also has a longer transmission distance and signal, so it is increasingly selected for use. However, the influence of the external environment on the communication cable should not be ignored, and the cable signal transmission process, a variety of faults occur frequently, so it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the cable.

The importance of the maintenance of communication cable

During the maintenance of communication cable, the technical maintenance should be strengthened. The fiber optic attenuation constant, the checking of the backward scattering field of optical fiber, the electrical performance of the wire and the resistance of the steel strip to the ground are the main parameters in the maintenance of the cable.

Fiber attenuation constant is within the service life of optical fiber digital communication system, due to the aging temperature, and the maintenance process, the influence of such factors as fiber repeater section total attenuation will produce certain change, but compared with the total attenuation value when it is completed, should not be more than 0.1 dB/km. While in the process of emergency repair , single mode optical fiber splicing loss should be less than 0.2 dB, in a formal repair or reconstruction circuit after the completion of the project, the average single mode optical fiber splicing loss should be no greater than 0.1 dB.

Key points of fiber cable maintenance:

①Original records should be kept in the maintenance work, and major problems should be timely requested and dealt with;

②After the fiber cable be repaired, it should be carried out a detailed inspection and properly handled, the customer need to ensure the transmission quality of the cable line;

③Strengthen maintenance of important lines and important communication periods to ensure smooth communication;

The importance of the maintenance of communication cable

④Do a good job of seasonal maintenance according to local conditions. Before the arrival of thunderstorm and typhoon season, carefully inspect the areas vulnerable to flood erosion and typhoon damage. Key parts and weak links should be inspected.Paying attention to the maintenance of communication fiber optic cable will not only effectively extend the service life of fiber optic cable, but also effectively reduce the failure rate of fiber optic cable.In today's broadband network popularization era, the quality of communication cable directly affects the use of users, once the interruption or failure, will have a major impact on life, work.